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Empowering clients to plan and control spending, estimate project costs, manage risk, buy effectively, achieve savings, and identify tax and procurement efficiencies.


Plan and control cost, manage risk and buy value

Our global cost databases are amongst the largest in the commercial real estate world. That gives us a profound understanding of construction costs, the construction market and the many factors that drive cost.

We can anticipate and mitigate the risks that come from rapid changes in economies, supply chains and manufacturing, helping to reduce their impact on your project budget. You might see this volatility as a risk, we see it as an opportunity for you. One that we can unlock.

Our board level relationships with the supply chain means we can get your project the attention it deserves and the team it needs to make sure it’s completed successfully.

These are some of the ways we can add value to every stage of the project lifecycle:

  • Driving cost certainty and good governance at both project and portfolio level.
  • Providing insights from our global cost database, in areas like international, national, and local benchmark costs for different project types.
  • Optimising expenditure to focus on value for money and cost saving.
  • Improving our clients decision-making capability through data analytics.
  • Mitigating risk through the implementation of prudent financial oversight.
  • Driving savings and promoting continual value management.


Technology Products

  • Capital Planning – CBRE Capital Planner provides robust strategic planning, predictive management of capital spending, and project prioritisation–ensuring capital is most effectively utilised.
  • Project Estimating – CBRE Estimator efficiently and accurately generates project cost estimates–enabling informed decision-making.
  • Project Management Tool – KahuaTM is CBRE’s single global end-to-end core project management technology to collaborate and manage projects–providing clarity and information throughout the lifecycle of a project or portfolio.

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