Plan, Lease and Occupy

Portfolio Strategy

Position your real estate as an active asset with expert portfolio analysis that identifies opportunities and delivers actionable strategies aligned with your business.


Deep Expertise, Holistic Approach

Our account strategists develop annual portfolio strategies, execute your roadmap, and manage your portfolio and site plans. These strategists serve as a bridge between CBRE and clients—acting as your voice and providing insights from our organisation. We have a seasoned team with deep expertise and experience that delivers comprehensive solutions including lease administration, portfolio diagnostic, occupancy management and flexible space solutions.

Unparalleled Intelligence & Technology

With more pressure on businesses to drive exceptional performance and strong margins, identifying cost savings and operational efficiencies within real estate portfolios is critical to your bottom-line success. To meet this demand, CBRE has developed Portfolio Optimizer, a powerful software tool that combines client portfolio data with market intelligence to uncover efficiencies and cost saving opportunities.

End-to-End Solutions, Executable Strategies

With a deep understanding of what it takes to execute successfully, our strategists work together to align strategy, reduce cost, provide clear direction and add measurable value to our clients.

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  • Duarte Cardoso Ferreira

    Strategic Advisory Senior Director

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  • Frederico Mondril

    O&L PM Director

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