People Insights

We study social and behavioural science. We put people at the centre of our knowledge to achieve a positive impact on how we live, work and play.


Our mission

We study social and behavioural science to design, develop and manage the best experience for people in spaces and properties, driving evolution towards people-centred places.


We generate knowledge based on behavioural science. We bring to real estate decisions a layer of specialised knowledge that supports the definition of the best product and the best human-centred strategy.

People’s journey

We study the each step and interaction a person makes with a company, product and/or service.

Location analysis

We study and develop models, techniques and tools to provide decision-makers with the optimal solution for localisation strategies.

Optimal product

Conceptualisation of a property by understanding its location and its relationship with the community, and applying mixed uses to maximise its value.

Discover our latest insights and market research

Our 500 global researchers offer actionable intelligence and a multi-dimensional perspective that is unparalleled in the industry.


  • Duarte Cardoso Ferreira

    Strategic Advisory Senior Director

    Photo of Duarte Cardoso Ferreira