Miguel Gonçalves Ferreira
Associate Director — Development

Miguel Gonçalves Ferreira wanted to be an astronaut. Later on a fighter pilot, an aviator, an architect and he ended up doing a degree in Civil Engineering. He originally wanted to work in construction, but then while doing his degree he realised his interest wasn’t really construction, but rather real estate.
Nonetheless, he ended up spending five years at Teixeira Duarte construction company before completing an MBA. He joined CBRE’s Development department in 2015, as a Senior Consultant, and is currently an Associate Director, and says that the outcome has been very positive.
He believes that it is a unique company, something financially known as an intangible and priceless asset, which is the CBRE brand. “People trust this brand”, he reinforces. For Miguel Gonçalves Ferreira “CBRE provides expertise, transparency and organisation. This is the clients perception of CBRE in the market”, he explains. “The ability to organise, to make things happen, in a transparent way and to always add value for the client”, he enhances.
One of the things he likes about CBRE is the fact that there are many projects running at the same time and they have a relatively short lifetime, “which means we are never doing the same thing”, he explains.
He also values the good atmosphere within the office and which “greatly influences the way we do our work and deal with day-to-day problems”. Who he most admires is his immediate director, Francisco Sottomayor. “He had the ability to understand what I needed in order to grow within the firm. Since I joined CBRE I have always been told that if a person works, has goals and is relatively fearless, there are no limits to growth, and that attitude is important to our development and to give us the strength to go farther”, he says.
In his spare time, he likes to surf, travel, play football, going to the cinema and being with family and friends. If he can do all this at the same time, even better. His motto is enjoy the good things life has to offer.

Paula Cabral
Assistant - Finance, Administration & People

When she was younger she wanted to be an engineer because she wanted to build houses. Today she feels that engineering is not for her, but what is clear is that Paula Cabral came to the largest real estate consultant 30 years ago and she has never wanted to leave.
In 1989, when she came to the firm as a secretary-receptionist, only four people worked at CBRE. At that time she was twenty and she has grown with the company, and worked in a number of departments. Today she is secretary to the finance, administration and People departments.
She believes these three decades have been very positive and explains that what makes CBRE a unique company is the fact that it is a market leader, striving to do more and better for its clients, plus the fact it provides its employees with excellent working conditions.
“It is a company that truly has a good working atmosphere and this is reflected in our business and in the essence of CBRE”, underlines Paula Cabral.
Who she most admires in the company is Ana Gentil Martins, Executive Director of CBRE Portugal. “Ana is a person who grew alongside me, has had an extraordinary career and who knows how to listen, which is very important in a leader”. She hopes to remain at CBRE in the coming decades. “I love being here and I think they like me too”, she confesses.
In her spare time Paula Cabral enjoys walking, going to the cinema and the beach. She is a very positive person, always tries to learn from her mistakes and any misfortunes that arise, and her motto is never give up.

Flávia Groba
Marketing Manager - Forum Aveiro

She dreamed of being a kindergarden teacher because she liked to make a difference to people’s lives, but Flávia Groba ended up studying marketing. At that time she identified herself with this area and the creative side. She received her Masters from the Portuguese Institute of Administration and Marketing and, when talking to the Head of the Institute she realized that Shopping Centres could be an option. “It was a world I knew nothing about”, she admits. “It is a considerable challenge”.
After her studies, Flávia did her training at a company she would end up joining. She started out at a shopping centre in the north of the country and later joined the central marketing department of the Dolce Vita shopping centres. In 2016, CBRE invited her to run the marketing for Forum Aveiro, and she feels she has had a “fantastic” career so far.
What she most likes about CBRE are the people and the environment in which they work. “Today I am working on one project and tomorrow we will be working on a different one”.
Flávia Groba explains that she gives CBRE clients the edge through transparency and professionalism. In her opinion, having confidence in people is very important. At the moment, it is crucial that “people can rely on your word and not just on an email or a contract”, she states.
What makes CBRE a unique company are the people. “There are a lot of professionals in the market and many opportunities, but a team like ours makes all the difference”, she adds.
What she most values about CBRE, besides the team and the work itself, are the prospects for the future that the company can offer. There are two people in the company that she admires most: Filipa Pereira (Shopping Centre Manager), “a colleague who I admire both personally and professionally, because she has the necessary determination to win in this world where, sometimes women still have to face barriers” and Mónica Pinto Coelho (Head of Marketing - Asset Services).
Flávia Groba loves going to the gym, travelling and meeting other people and cultures. Her motto is to feel good about yourself.

Nuno Nunes
Senior Director - Capital Markets

He dreamed of being the Minister of Finance but quickly became disappointed with a political career. At the age of 18 he came from Madeira to discover mainland Portugal and do a degree in Economics at the Universidade Nova, Lisbon.
His career began in Corporate Finance working for one of the Big Four and later on began to work in Mergers and Acquisitions for property developers. In the meantime, a head hunter asked if he was interested in being interviewed by an international fund that was going to open an office in Portugal. He thought it could be a good moment to make a change and in 2007 he moved to this sector. After working in Lisbon for a few years he moved to Madrid for two years.
Accompanying the fair winds blowing from Spain in 2015, he was invited by CBRE to Head the Capital Markets line of business. “I really like my work, managing this team. It is a very peculiar challenge. They have very different backgrounds but are all very good and complement each other”.
It is also the mix of skills and personalities that creates the competitive edge for our clients every day, underlines Nuno Nunes. “Here at CBRE there is an abundance of networking and information at our disposal, but we have to know how to use it and understand where the market is going, and how we can help our clients to surf this market wave”, he says.
At portfolio level CBRE is by far the market leader. Nuno Nunes ascertains that CBRE was involved in four of the last five portfolios to be sold in Portugal He feels CBRE is unique because “it has a set of values that prevails our day-to-day work”, and which we take “very seriously”. “I can give you many examples of when we have lost business opportunities because ethically the situation was not clear”, he adds.
For Nuno Nunes, CBRE has the advantage of being the most ambitious company in the sector: “our ambition, in real estate, is to be the company that can do everything. We can provide an A to Z service to all clients”. Nuno Nunes holds Ana Gentil Martins in high consideration, for being able to find a balance between family and professional life. “I have five children and it is already a circus! But I still have less artists than Ana, who has eight …”. He also cannot hide his admiration for Francisco Sottomayor, with whom he works a great deal. “He is a person with whom I exchange many ideas. We often discuss how to approach certain projects”, he says.
In his spare time, he loves cooking and reading. He usually reads two or three books at a time, but swears he does not want to be the President of Portugal.
His life motto is something his grandfather taught him: “remember that you are no better than anybody else, but also that nobody is better than you.” He therefore treats everyone as equals.

John Rowlands
Director - International Business - Valuation Advisory

He dreamed of being a tennis player and admits that at the time he was not thinking of a career in Real Estate.
He did a degree in Land Economy, an economics course with strong links to the real estate field, as it covered subjects as diverse as planning, from the Municipal Master Plans standpoint and mathematics, in the valuations field. “I was already leaning towards this subject and I had friends on the course”, he explains. On top of that there was the guarantee he would not be sitting at a desk every day. The work would allow him to visit places and work in different fields. When he finished his degree, he decided to travel for a year.
He got a job selling ice creams in Sydney, so as to get to know other countries and see the world. Only after that experience did he start work in Aberdeen, valuing residential properties, and then in Edinburgh for a rival firm. He came to CBRE Portugal in 2007 as a Senior Consultant. At the time he was only familiar with the Algarve. “I came to Portugal in search of adventure”, he underlines.
He quickly understood that Portugal has a fantastic climate and people and “for those with a good job it is a fantasticplace to live”. And he has never left. Today he is 39 and after living here for a decade is married to a Portuguese and has a son, “half Scots and half Portuguese, who is going to play for Scotland since Portugal already has far too many good players”, explains John Rowlands.
His current title is Director- International Business in the Valuations Department and he is very satisfied with his professional life at CBRE. “It is a company that knows how to motivate people and where team work is very important”, he says. Even at the international level there are “a great deal of synergy”, he adds.
As for what gives CBRE the edge, he highlights the fact the CBRE is increasingly focused on 360 services, helping the client in all aspects related to the property cycle. He also considers the fact that CBRE is a global company to be an advantage. And he has no doubt that “clients trust us”.
John Rowlands explains that “what makes this company unique are the people it is comprised of”, and one of the secrets to success in this field is attention to detail.
The person he most admires at CBRE is his director, Frederico Borges de Castro, because he is very fair and fun. In his spare time he likes to play with his son, surf, play padel and tennis, and, of course, relax. His life motto is “To not dwell on the past and not worry about the future, to focus on living fully in the present.”

Patrícia Arruda
Senior Project Manager - Building Consultancy

Patrícia Arruda loved drawing but she had no particular dream. “I had a book of Walt Disney stickers and would pick it up and an A5 pad and spend hours figure drawing”.
She studied architecture and worked for some time for a building company that also had a real estate department. She has been at CBRE for almost two years as a Senior Project Manager and admits that it has been a very stimulating experience. “It is very interesting to see the speed and dynamism of the projects. I was used to projects that went on for years”, she says. Not only that, she explains, they have access to a very vast market: “there are companies spread across the entire world that provide input to CBRE. CBRE itself operates in the entire world, brings us many clients and it is interesting to see the synergy we are able to generate”.
Patrícia Arruda explains that she creates an edge for her clients by solving their problems in a “completely different” way. “I take paths that nobody was expecting and that helps”, she highlights.
Her greatest reward at CBRE is understanding that the client was fully satisfied whenever she hands over a project.
What makes CBRE unique “is the fact that we all work as a family and we are Portuguese. We have a different way of working and we are often used as a case-study because of this”.
The person she most admires for her management skills is Ana Gentil Martins. “Ana has eight children. I don’t understand how she is able to manage a career and such a great responsibility. I think it is extraordinary! And on top of that she looks young”, she adds.
In her spare time, she loves being with her two children, to read, go for walks, the beach, visit vineyards and get to know the producers because wine is her great passion. Patrícia’s life motto is to believe that we get back what we give.