In cooperation with Wolf Theiss - Attorneys at Law, CBRE has published the Covid-19 Real Estate Investment Guide for Austria.

This resource provides up-todate insight on how the various real estate sectors are progressing after the markets have started to reopen. A basic assessment of the structural risks for key markets in Europe can be easily applied to real estate portfolios and even to a single building. Our aim has been to assess key market trends and expected long-term changes to provide a solid basis for your upcoming real estate investment decisions.

The Covid-19 crisis has led to considerable changes in the real estate industry. These changes are also affecting legal aspects of transactions and contracts. We believe that some of these changes are here to stay, notwithstanding when exactly things will be getting back to some “normal” again. Or, to put it slightly different: There will be a “new normal”, also in the legal world of real estate, in the post-Covid-era. The present paper investigates what these new legal realities, that are currently taking form, will precisely be.