The ongoing generational changes are leading to a modification of the purchasing preferences of Polish customers. According to the long-term population forecast for Poland, prepared by the Central Statistical Office, the share of seniors in the total population will increase from 19% to 23% by 2030. Generation Z will be the largest group on the labour market – the first generation ever for whom the digital world has always existed. The forecast of population changes in Polish municipalities by 2030 indicates the phenomenon of suburbanization. The largest Polish agglomerations will be more interesting to residents due to attractive labour markets, while the most dynamic population growth will not be seen in the main urban centres, but in municipalities located in their vicinity. Both the changing demographic structure of the population, the phenomenon of suburbanization, as well as the increase in the volume of online purchases and advancing technological changes will affect the nature of retail in 2030. Traditional retail will increasingly often accompany consumers in the "convenience" format, offering quick, everyday shopping near their place of residence, often outside the largest Polish cities. In addition to the social role in the form of gastronomic and entertainment functions, shopping centres will strive to increase the scope of integration of traditional and online sales in the "omnichannel" model.


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