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LOAN Valuation

We draw up portfolio business plans and carry out ongoing surveillance on their management and divestment.

Our Loan Valuation & Advisory team offers our clients (primarily financial institutions, investment funds and servicers) advisory services focused on the valuation of their mortgage loan portfolios (performing and non-performing). We also analyse and segment their portfolios in order to implement strategies designed to maximise loan recovery.

To do this, we apply the most advanced valuation and business intelligence tools the market has to offer. We have even developed our own tool Discovery, which covers the entire process of data cleaning, valuation, due diligence, visualisation and management of property portfolios.

Our advisory team also provides strategic advice to a wide range of real estate firms, focusing on designing efficient operating models and new strategies both at product and services level and at the corporate level.


Our team benefits from a wealth of experience in the valuation and management of mortgage loans in Spain andEurope, as well as in salesprocesses, securitisations and providing strategic advice for both portfolios and real estate firms.

Our services

  • Valuation of mortgage loan portfolios
  • Portfolio analysis and segmentation
  • Loan recovery strategies
  • Portfolio business plans
  • Ongoing surveillance of portfolio management and divestment
  • Portfolio visualisation via Discovery

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