Portugal Market Outlook 2023

fevereiro 13, 2023

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Several factors of uncertainty overshadowed the market in 2022 and are due to persist in 2023, although inflation is expected to decrease in the early months of the year. However, interest rates and yields will keep rising and there should be a slight decrease in consumption. Nevertheless, the idea of a recession is fading and the Portuguese real estate market in particular continues to present strong fundamentals.

Product availability remains low in almost every traditional asset class, and this should continue to drive rent increases in offices and logistics, as well as rising housing prices and rents.

There are also various sectors in the early stages of development or growth, such as student accommodation, senior housing, healthcare and agribusiness, where multiple business opportunities can be found.

It has become inconceivable not to incorporate sustainability criteria in new projects and renovations but, above all, a growing number of companies are now defining integrated ESG strategies.

To summarise, these are uncertain but positive times, which offer many investment opportunities and lead us to anticipate a robust volume of investment in 2023.

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